My Services

Art and Dementia  

Artistic Guidance for Elders and Persons with Dementia 

As a state-approved art companion for elders with or without dementia (Medical School Hamburg) I come to your facility (out-patient and in-patient care) or even to your home to offer participants artistic experiences with all the senses – free from expectations and pressure to perform. When language is no longer a natural medium of expression and the eyes are slackening, other senses become more important. Very different materials are used that also appeal to touch, smell and hearing. 

In the meantime, studies have been able to prove the positive influence of artistic offerings on the development of people in old age and with dementia. Enthusiasm for a cause strengthens our brain. With my offer I want to make people's everyday life more colourful and varied. Beautiful experiences that promote activity and self-confidence in one's own creative abilities mean social participation. With something of his own making, man leaves a trace. 

For regularly requested visits (max. 2 hours) I like to use rituals for a fixed framework. Visits can be weekly, biweekly, or once a month. I am happy to discuss prices individually depending on distance, group size and weekly rhythm. I would also be happy to come by for a free trial lesson. 

Cultural Education in Public Museums and Private Collections 

Through my many years of work, I have very good contacts with museums in Ulm and Neu-Ulm. You tell me what you are interested in and I will put together a personal cultural program with a museum tour followed by a creative workshop. From kindergarten children to senior citizens, I will make you an offer that suits your needs.



Presentations for Vernissages

Looking for an introductory speaker at your opening? Then feel free to contact me: I enjoy writing about art and also speaking about it in a lively way. I will visit you before the exhibition, conduct necessary interviews and send you the introduction for your information before the opening. 



Art and Creative Writing

You want to write your own texts and are looking for the right inspiration? I visit current exhibitions with you and give you impulses that come from art and make it easier for you to get started. Ostensibly, it's about writing, but we also experience the healing power of creativity. All you need to bring is pen and paper or notebook and openness to our writing adventure. This way you will experience museum in a completely different way.